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Frequently Asked Questions Liquid Claims

How is Liquid Claims compensated?

Clients incur no up-front costs or expenses.  Liquid Claims is paid a percentage of monies recovered by a client after the client has received a settlement award.  Liquid Claims interest is directly aligned with those of our clients.

Why should our organization hire a third party like Liquid Claims to manage our claims recovery?

Professional firms hire third party service providers for their expertise, performance and cost effectiveness and to eliminate the reduction of resources from their core operations focus.  As experts in the field, Liquid Claims delivers maximum awards that produce the highest net returns available in the industry.

What information does Liquid Claims need to process our claims?

Liquid Claims processing specialists and account managers routinely work with clearing/execution partners to retrieve as much data as possible in the simplest, non-invasive manner possible.  Generally five to seven years of trade data will allow Liquid Claims to capture all eligible awards on behalf of the client.  Thereafter Liquid Claims requests an annual trade data update.

How does our firm provide the data to Liquid Claims?

Typically, Liquid Claims account managers interface directly with clearing/execution firms to receive data.  Liquid Claims simply requires a flat file such as an excel spreadsheet or CSV file either through a secure FTP data feed or alternative medium.

What work will our staff be required to perform once Liquid Claims is hired?

The short answer is none.  Once the initial transactional data has been provided, Liquid Claims handles all the work necessary to deliver maximum awards to your firm.

How does Liquid Claims secure the confidentiality of our firm’s data?

Liquid Claims takes client data confidentiality and security very seriously.  All Liquid Claims systems operate in a Certified SAS 70 type II Network Operations Center.  Additionally, the following safeguards exist:  Dedicated firewall and VPN services to prevent unauthorized system access, biometric scanning to limit access to data centers, independently audited disaster recovery plans, use of best practices in the random generation of initial passwords, encryption of all passwords during transmission and while in storage.  Recognizing that some clients may be unwilling to transfer data, Liquid Claims will provide a secure dedicated server on clients’ site for an additional fee.

How does Liquid Claims track developments in the securities class actions settlements market?

Liquid Claims maintains the industry’s most comprehensive proprietary securities class action database.  Liquid Claims employs a dedicated team of researchers utilizing several overlapping methodologies to assure complete and current information on all pending securities class actions and SEC.

Will Liquid Claims file my consumer class action claim?

No.  Liquid Claims is not a law firm.  Liquid Claims provides settlement technology to those in the securities and class action settlement business.  Liquid Claims works with institutions directly who have client databases

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