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Liquid Claims Discover Service

The securities class action lawsuit recovery process typically, is both tedious and lacks transparency.  The problems associated with the recovery process include custodial management, filing procedures, confusing rules in the Plans of Allocation, complexity of trade data and lack of status on claims filed.  With thousands of CUSIPS and hundreds of separate securities class action lawsuits and Plans of Allocation, many with separate accounts and sub-accounts, the process of determining eligibility is daunting.

Liquid Claims’ proprietary software, LC-Quant v 2.1, provides a SAS 70 Type II fully automated, no-touch platform to match every client’s trade data with every possible class action and SEC settlement fund.  Our settlement database is the most comprehensive database in the industry.  Liquid Claims will file every claim for every one of our clients for which they are eligible.  This service is unmatched in the industry.

Rather than relying on busy lawyers or simply just responding to client demand – take action and utilize Liquid Claims Discover service, which can automate the process as well as lead to discovery of previously unknown claims.  Nuances of custodial rules can leave many opportunities overlooked.  Ensure you’re doing the most for your clients, by unlocking the most profit from their losses.  Liquid Claims discover service not only can bring extra funds to your clients, it reassures them that management is doing the most that it can for its clients.  By having a service such as Liquid Claims discover, clients will be reassured that management is doing its best to unlock every possible opportunity, whatever that may be.

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